Coming Up ...


Just a quick note to say BEAR WITH ME. This week I will be at the Arvon Foundation, learning about YA writing with Marcus Sedgwick and Julia Green. There is no internet access for participants. Next time something this wonderful happens, I will utilise my 'schedule' button. As a Newbie Blogger, I did not learn about this until last night.

When I return, I will:

  • Review 'The Bombs that Brought US Together', and explain why the voice is the most distinctive since David Almond.

  • Explain why Chris Riddell's 'A Doodle a Day' is my favourite thing, (hint: it develops regular habits ...) 

  • Participate in the end of the Easter YAathon ... AKA spend a long weekend lost in YA fiction. You too can take part - follow the Tweet below and plan your to read list.  

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